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Conversational Excellence

We are SaySimple – The Social Messaging Platform Pioneer. We turn customer service cost centers into commercial profit centers, by leveraging the strength of social messaging as today’s preferred conversation channel – providing conversational excellence with unrivaled ease.

The concept of conversational excellence brings a paradigm shift by not only pushing your message to your customers, but also by allowing you to engage by listening and having real dialogue. At SaySimple, we, therefore, believe that the following three areas – overlooked by conventional wisdom – will further drive us to true conversational excellence:

  • Turning Customer Service Cost Centers into Commercial Profit Centers
  • Turning Customer Service Volume Breakdown into Conversational Excellence High-Volume Readiness
  • Turning Personalized Customer Service Interactions into Hyper-Personalized Conversational Excellence

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Social Messaging Channel Orchestration

The Social Messaging Dashboard

The Messaging Dashboard Module is a plug-and-play dashboard for seamless Social Messaging Channel Orchestration. The dashboard let you obtain easy access to all major messaging channels such as WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger and Viber. The benefits of the dashboard module include maximum efficiency through smart routing and virtual assistants (bots), and transactional messaging features such as templates, notifications and payments.

Social Messaging Dashboard

Actionable Insights to Enhance Productivity

The Messaging Intelligence Dashboard

The Messaging Intelligence Module gives you actionable insights to enhance productivity, optimize your seat planning and boost workforce management (WFM). Features such as advanced voice of the customer recognition are currently in development to make the Messaging Intelligence Module a critical asset in your messaging strategy.

Messaging Intelligence Dashboard

Conversational Assistants for Automated Engagement

Conversational Excellence

The Conversational Excellence Module provides smart assistants for automated Customer Engagement and Conversational Excellence. Use AI powered chatbots to implement continuous conversations across multiple touchpoints of the Customer Journey. Features such as voice interaction innovation is currently in development.

From Concept to Conversational Excellence

Training, Consultancy and Customer Success services

To make the concept of Conversational Excellence actionable we provide an integrated portfolio of training, consultancy and customer success services. We get you started and keep you going.

Training & Consultancy
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