WhatsApp in the Automotive Industry

WhatsApp is growing rapidly in the automotive industry. The channel gives brand dealers and leasing companies the opportunity to come into contact with prospects, leads and customers in an innovative and accessible way. The channel works for the automotive as the figures below show:

  • A reduction of 20 to 30% in telephone traffic
  • Positive PR
  • More profit from after-sales activities
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction figures on the WhatsApp channel
Companies that base their customer contact strategy on messaging achieve a higher average profit margin (8.6%) compared to companies without messaging (1.1%).
Source - Sparkcentral

WhatsApp puts customers in the driver's seat

Within the Automotive Industry WhatsApp is a huge opportunity to make customer contact more personal and accessible. Your customers are waiting for it and WhatsApp ensures more (after-sales) turnover, higher customer satisfaction and is also suitable for lead generation.

The implementation of WhatsApp simplifies customer appreciation and loyalty while increasing the possibilities around sales and service. Why would you pass the chance to lower the threshold for making a purchase and serve customers even better?

Download the whitepaper: WhatsApp in the Automotive Industry

What do the automotive industry and messenger apps like WhatsApp have to do with each other? What are the superlative advantages over traditional customer service channels? Our white paper provides insights into the major role WhatsApp will play in the world of Automotive.

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