Business use of WhatsApp

WhatsApp for businesses offers organizations the opportunity to answer incoming customer questions fast and efficiently. With 11.5 million users, the messaging app is the most popular chat application in the Netherlands, which is why it is so interesting for organizations to use it. In addition to the large-scale adoption, WhatsApp offers more advantages, such as its support of multimedia messages and a significant rise of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and reduction of telephony.

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Customer services and webcare via WhatsApp

Customers can use WhatsApp to send messages to a mobile number, after which your support team picks up and answers the messages. This is how you can help customers easily and efficiently. Apart from that, WhatsApp supports multimedia files so you can send and receive, among others, photos, videos, and PDF files. This gives an extra dimension to the service experience and it saves time.

WhatsApp in practice: Transavia

Dutch airline company Transavia was the first to implement WhatsApp as a new customer services channel. Transavia started to use WhatsApp as a service channel early 2015. Customers can now ask questions about bookings or the regulations for hand luggage, or how they can check in online. Transavia’s customer services staff are available 7 days a week from 08:00 till 22:00 to answer all the questions customers may have. Because the expected response time is substantially lower than with the other channels, Transavia aims to answer all questions within 30 minutes. And they reach this goal every single day, to the great satisfaction of the customers.




  • With 80% of all chats, the customer ends with "Thanks Transavia"
  • 50% of all incoming messages on social media are sent via WhatsApp
  • A shift of 20% from customer services by phone to WhatsApp, which is 25% faster and cheaper
  • 3,000 chats per month on average
  • Highest Net Promoter Score of all channels Transavia uses
  • WhatsApp is the preferred channel for webcare and customer services employees
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