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WhatsApp indispensable for Anderzorg

How can you achieve the most effective and personal customer services as a health insurer? Exactly, by integrating social media. Anderzorg saw the light very quickly and, thanks to the integration of WhatsApp in Salesforce, it makes a positive step forward in the customer services for new and existing policyholders. The result: a Net Promoter Score of no less than +34.

Not just a theory; clear results:

  • 20% reduction of the use of telephony
  • WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of our daily routine
  • High customer satisfaction thanks to the use of multimedia


Gaining experience

Before you let your drone fly, you first want to be sure that you can operate it. The same applies to WhatsApp: you want to know whether it’ll work to your advantage before you launch the app! In order to be sure, Anderzorg first introduced a WhatsApp pilot of three months. Apart from gaining experience, the pilot also provided answers to various questions: how did the policyholders respond to the use of WhatsApp? How did the dialogues go? Which policyholders used WhatsApp to contact Anderzorg? The initial experiences showed that the insured persons, as well as the staff, experienced the contact as positive. “This allows us to get a personal view on the lives of our policyholders. It feels like you’re having a WhatsApp chat with a friend.” No wonder that the pilot resulted in a permanent implementation.

Salesforce integration

A 360 degrees customer view, this can’t be easily found in a panorama. So where can it be found? In the integration between WhatsApp and Salesforce, of course! With regard to CRM, this was a must for Anderzorg. The integration within Salesforce ensured that the data of the policyholder was immediately available in the WhatsApp conversation, so the customer services employees were able to answer questions faster and in more detail.

Blue checkmarks? A thing of the past

The last thing you want as a WhatsApp user is a pair of blue checkmarks without receiving an answer. This is why a short response time to messages is a must for positive customer experience. Anderzorg aims to give a response within 30 minutes. And no, not something like ‘we’ll look into it’, but a concrete and accurate answer to the question. The conversations are not just a couple of fun memes and GIFs but include substantial questions. This is why Anderzorg uses an automatic disclaimer that states that privacy-sensitive data or information about personal healthcare issues can’t be shared via WhatsApp. Such a statement also manages the customer’s expectations from both sides. Are your checkmarks already blue?

Net Promoter Score of +34

A stable but low increase? No, Anderzorg has no experience with that. An explosive, intense increase – that is what Anderzorg knows all about! The integration of WhatsApp immediately resulted in a Net Promoter Score of no less than +34. A significant difference compared with the old-school use of the telephone, for which the score ranges between +10 and +12. WhatsApp makes customer services personal, informal, and effective, and this clearly shows in the great results.


Sigrid Schemkes-Zeilstra, Anderzorg

Collaboration with SaySimple

SaySimple supports Anderzorg in the implementation of omnichannel messaging, in this case WhatsApp Messaging specifically. The company knows where to find us in case they have any questions about the implementation, making it a very smooth process. Additionally, we support every company from start to finish and jointly set up a long-term strategy for the best result. Ridiculously easy messaging, resulting in ridiculously high customer satisfaction. What more do you need?

SaySimple Tools

The implementation of omnichannel messaging is one thing but needless to say that you want it to work to your advantage in the long term as well. With a combined solution of Salesforce and the Eazy Dashboard, Anderzorg has insight into all customer services messages, from GIFs and speech memos to video clips and text messages. Furthermore, the Messaging Intelligence Dashboard provides all management information to monitor the messaging performance in real-time, with a clear overview of volumes, waiting times, and other success factors.

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