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WhatsApp in the automotive industry

Muntstad is the official brand dealer and service partner of Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda, Seat, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the greater Utrecht area. With its own body repair company, lease company, full-service car wash, and car rental organization, Muntstad is capable to fulfill the entire mobility need for both private and business customers. With locations in Utrecht, Zeist, Nieuwegein, and Maarssen, Muntstad is one of the larger automotive dealers in the Netherlands.

Key Takeaways

  • Muntstad has already been using WhatsApp via SaySimple for two years.
  • Thanks to WhatsApp, the communication by phone reduced by 20%.
  • Muntstad receives around 10,000 messages per month.
  • KPIs on response time and customer satisfaction have been hugely exceeded.

A recognizable challenge for the automotive branch is how to reach customers. And vice versa, customers can experience the same challenge. According to Muntstad, the implementation of WhatsApp as a communication channel should solve this issue. Naturally, WhatsApp has to complement the current means of communications by email, SMS, and phone.

Muntstad has already been using WhatsApp via SaySimple for two years. In this case study, you can read how Muntstad and its customers experience WhatsApp.


What are your customers’ experiences with WhatsApp?

We notice that our customers are very positive about the use of WhatsApp and that they find it user-friendly and personal. WhatsApp also offers additional benefits for our staff and for the customers. They can send us messages whenever it suits them, and add photos, video clips, and invoices. In short: it offers more options than, for example, telephony.


Michiel, customer


What is the usage rate when you compare WhatsApp with telephony?

At the moment, telephony is still our main means of communication, but we see the use of WhatsApp increasing steadily. Thanks to WhatsApp, the number of telephone conversations already dropped with 20%, and WhatsApp also improves the accessibility during peak moments (in the morning and late afternoon). During these moments, we are less accessible by phone because the service adviser is busy with another customer. A WhatsApp message can be parked until you have the opportunity to answer the customer’s question via WhatsApp.

Even higher levels

WhatsApp is used by the service department of the various Muntstad locations. Customers are updated on the progress of the work that is done on their car. Besides giving information, WhatsApp also gives the option to ask questions, from both sides. This creates a user-friendly way of interaction between the customer and Muntstad which, in turn, resulted in a noticeably increased efficiency, response time, and customer satisfaction.


Can you tell us a bit more about the content of the conversations?

The conversations can be about many things. From simple questions such as “When will my car be ready?” to ordering car accessories. Customers also send us video clips and photos of car service notifications, which quickly gives us a clear image of the problem so we can solve it.


How do you safeguard the response time and how does Muntstad manage the expectations?

With the Messaging Intelligence dashboard, we can monitor the WhatsApp performance across the entire Muntstad organization, per location, and per period. The service managers also have access to this dashboard and make adjustments when necessary. We also have weekly meetings during which we discuss the performance of WhatsApp with KPIs that include response time and the number of returning customers who contact us via the channel.

At our locations, every adviser has access to WhatsApp. To manage the expectations, we aim for a response time of < 60 minutes. By responding faster than the set response time, for instance within 10 minutes, we try to exceed the customers’ expectations.


“Muntstad has shown that WhatsApp is the ideal channel for contact between the customer and the dealer organization”, says Bas Heinen, consultant at SaySimple. “The great thing about car dealers, in general, is that they still have many physical visits. Other branches can even be quite envious when they see these numbers. Muntstad combines both online and offline experiences, taking today’s demanding customer into account. The dealer organization showed that it is not just about introducing new channels but also about the fact that the user behind the application can ensure a 9+ experience. Step 2 is to create more surprises and to exceed expectations in other stages of the customer journey as well by making optimal use of all the WhatsApp options. In short: the collaboration we are so proud of will only intensify.”.

Introducing WhatsApp in the automotive; how to do this?

Do you want to introduce WhatsApp within your own organization or would you like to know more about how Muntstad uses WhatsApp? Contact us for a non-committal conversation via WhatsApp or download our whitepaper ‘WhatsApp in the automotive branch’.

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