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Transavia is the first airline to use WhatsApp

The airline company Transavia supplies charters and regular services to summer and winter destinations within Europe and to countries around the Mediterranean. In the Netherlands, Transavia is the market leader in flights to holiday destinations. Aware of its responsibility, Transavia is constantly looking to improve the customer experiences. The airline used the SaySimple WhatsApp Manager to take the next step.

Transavia initially rolled out WhatsApp as a pilot and on a small scale. First, it had to be established whether WhatsApp would be a suitable addition to existing channels. Today, WhatsApp is used for over 20,000 chats per month. It is clear that WhatsApp is the perfect addition as it seamlessly meets today’s customer demands. This is because it is much more user-friendly than Facebook or Twitter.



Jerry Downing, Transavia

How does Transavia use WhatsApp?

Transavia uses WhatsApp for its webcare services and other related activities. It functions as an extra channel besides Facebook and Twitter. Over 9 million Dutch people use WhatsApp, from young people to senior citizens. This makes WhatsApp the perfect channel to facilitate the customer’s contact with Transavia is the easiest way.

Travelers use WhatsApp to ask questions about bookings, online check-in, and about the regulations for hand luggage. Thanks to WhatsApp, another new type of question arose: the ‘WhatsApp is much faster and it is free’ question. You could think of: “I’m busy packing my bag, but how many kilos of luggage can I take on board?”. For these types of questions, WhatsApp is a lot faster than other channels, so customers will be sooner inclined to ask questions.

Transavia applies a maximum response time of 30 minutes. The customers experience WhatsApp as an oral channel so the response time must be as short as possible. This is also why webcare agents approach the conversation as not too formal.

The Transavia project teams now also use WhatsApp for the testing of new products and other communication. The company’s roster support services, for example, are now also available via WhatsApp and crew members can send in photos for Transavia’s Instagram channel.

The most important learnings of using WhatsApp for one year

The reactions given by travelers on WhatsApp are much more positive than, for instance, via Facebook or Twitter. With over 70% of the chats, the customer ends the chat with “Thanks Transavia”. Travelers experience the communication via WhatsApp as personal, fast, and effective. This means that WhatsApp offers the travelers a lot more options, resulting in an average NPS of 28.

Facts and figures:

  • 50% of all incoming webcare traffic goes via WhatsApp
  • 20,000 chats per month on average
  • Shift of 20% of the customer service activities by phone to webcare via WhatsApp
  • With 70% of all chats, the customer ended with "Thanks Transavia"
  • Average NPS of 20 for webcare, average NPS of 28 for Transavia WhatsApp webcare
  • Via WhatsApp, Transavia can be approached in 7 languages
  • Interviews via WhatsApp
  • Media attention

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