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Customer service via WhatsApp

Offer customer services via WhatsApp for a more personal conversations with your customers. More and more companies phase out their communication channels by phone and email because social messaging are the preferred social messaging channels of todays consumers. They offer customer services 2.0 and offer personalized communication.

Using WhatsApp as a customer services tool means shorter response times, more interaction, happy customers, and a high NPS (Net Promoter Score). Additionally, the use of telephony within the organization can be reduced with more than 20%. This means that you can expect a shift in the customer contact from one channel to another. This reduces the costs for the customer contact center.

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Using WhatsApp

Easy and user-friendly customer contact leads to happier customers and increased loyalty. This is what customer services via WhatsApp offers and what SaySimple stands for. Using WhatsApp as a customer services tool gives the service employee a lot more context and, thanks to the extensive multimedia options of the chat app, he or she can give more targeted assistance when the customer has a question.

Omoda & WhatsApp for customer care

For Omoda, the customer experience is key. This shows, for example, in the way the Omoda products are packaged and shipped up to how it handles the contact with customers. As an extra service, customers can use WhatsApp to ask for personal style advice. This creates a new dimension to the way Omoda handles the customer services.



For Omoda, using WhatsApp was a logical step to strengthen its customer services strategy as the use of WhatsApp by its target audience is widespread. Furthermore, the advantages of WhatsApp are also a perfect match with Omoda’s core values: personal contact, a quick response to questions, and being accessible to customers at all times. After the introduction of WhatsApp, the email channel of Omoda has been phased out completely.


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