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Facebook Messenger for businesses

After WhatsApp and with 7 million users, Facebook Messenger is the second largest messaging app in the Netherlands. Thanks to the many options this platform offers, Messenger quickly gains in popularity. Especially for business use, Facebook Messenger is making huge leaps forward, giving organizations the opportunity to assist their customers even better.

Would you also like to use Facebook Messenger for your business but you don’t know where to start? Or are you using Messenger via the Facebook Business account and you want to integrate it into an omnichannel messaging package? Then don’t hesitate to contact us now. SaySimple offers a professional solution to manage chats via Facebook Messenger and guides you through the entire implementation process.

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Facebook Messenger in practice

Facebook Messenger offers endless possibilities. KLM, for example, is the biggest Dutch organization that now makes full use of Facebook Messenger and which implemented, amongst other things, bots and scripts to provide even better services to its customers. Of course, you can still just send a message or ask a question, but it is now also possible to book new tickets or manage an existing booking. The video clip below, from KLM’s YouTube channel, gives a good idea of all the options they currently offer. SaySimple loves to give more advice on all the other options the channel has to offer.

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