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WhatsApp for automotive

Car dealers and lease companies that start using WhatsApp create new opportunities. WhatsApp for business helps you to engage with your customers and followers in a personal and easily accessible way. In the Netherlands, WhatsApp is currently used by over 11.5 million people, immediately making WhatsApp for business a very interesting tool for the automotive branch. The chat app supports multimedia messages such as photos and videos, and has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

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More information about WhatsApp in automotive?

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Start using WhatsApp and…

  • Make the customer your focal point
  • Reduce the use of telephony
  • Generate more leads
  • Get higher sales from after-sales

WhatsApp offers opportunities for the automotive branch

For the automotive branch, WhatsApp is a huge opportunity to make the customer contact more personal and accessible via a digital channel. Customers are waiting for it and, with the multimedia applications that WhatsApp supports, it is easier to generate extra sales in after-sales. Apart from that, WhatsApp is the ideal service channel for high customer satisfaction and, thanks to the WhatsApp mailing list and the Click to Chat API, it is extremely suitable to generate leads.

Customers can use WhatsApp to send messages to a mobile number, after which your support team picks up and answers the messages. This enables you to help your customers efficiently via a channel they already use.

Really helping the customer (!!)
By using WhatsApp, you can really assist customers in an easy and user-friendly way whenever they need your help the most, for instance, when the car has broken down en-route or for the configuration of a new car.

Images to make full use of the after-sales potential
Do you need the customer’s consent for doing additional work during the periodical inspection? When you tell the customer that the brake caliper is worn, you can easily demonstrate this by putting the old one and a new brake caliper side by side, and send a photo of the two to the customer. This is how our client AutoTools uses WhatsApp.

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