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NEC’s versatile all-in-one Unified Communications & Collaboration suite UNIVERGE® Business ConneCT now integrates with SaySimple’s Social Messaging API. This provides Business ConneCT users with the ability to connect with their customers via social messaging and WhatsApp in particular.

The SaySimple API facilitates Social Messaging channels in third party platforms. SaySimple has partnered with NEC to integrate WhatsApp messaging in the Business ConneCT Platform of NEC. The WhatsApp channel can be managed from Business ConneCT, there is no mobile phone or handset required.

The SaySimple Business ConneCT integration provides a user-friendly way of managing WhatsApp conversations in the Business ConneCT platform. The WhatsApp channel can only be integrated in Business ConneCT 10.

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WhatsApp provides many benefits in client communications

  • Number one messaging app worldwide, your clients will be familiar with the app
  • High engagement due to personal level communications
  • Proven service to sales conversion
  • Preferred channel by agents
  • Most efficient service channel
  • Easy use of multimedia to support question and answer

SaySimple Account

NEC takes care of the connectivity and configuration and charges a monthly fee. This service is not part of the NEC BCT Social Media Integration License.

Required for the BCT WhatsApp integration is the SaySimple messaging API. Access to the API can be requested directly via SaySimple. SaySimple will deliver access to the integrated messaging solution in BCT after receipt of delivery necessities:

– WhatsApp number to be used
– WhatsApp profile picture
– Signed proposal
– Signed data processing agreement

About WhatsApp

  • 1.5 billion users worldwide
  • 65 billion messages send every day
  • Used in 180 countries
  • 3 million companies using WhatsApp for business



With over 5 years of experience, SaySimple innovates the world of conversations and customer services with messaging solutions. SaySimple is part of the Just Internet Group, a group of pioneering companies that, together, create a link between marketing, commerce, and technology.

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