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WhatsApp ads to appear in app from 2020

Facebook has confirmed that ads will be coming to WhatsApp in 2020, as part of the app’s ‘Statuses’. The announcement came at Facebook’s annual Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, with slides showing how ads will look within the app photographed by attendee and head of media at Be Connect digital marketing agency, Olivier Ponteville.

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WhatsApp Business Launches New Features to Tempt Small Firms

Customers of firms using WhatsApp Business will soon be able to see what’s on sale with a new feature the company has introduced. Announced at Facebook’s F8 conference at the end of last month, WhatsApp Business has launched Product Catalogs. The feature enables WhatsApp users see all the items available for sale from a company on the messaging app.

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The evolution of chatbots and virtual agents

We see three trends guiding the next wave of chatbot innovation. Added together, these trends will generate more value for every company that adopts them. Chatbots have taken off in popularity in the past five years as a way to boost the bottom line. Where did this trend start? To understand the technology’s capability, go back to its origins.

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How to Integrate a Chatbot Into Your Conversion Strategy

Everyday work can seem overwhelming with a bunch of tasks that are impossible to complete. But this doesn’t have to be normal or expected. This is no exception for people working within the chatbot environment. Although intelligent chatbots are here to make processes easier and save time, there are still other factors to bear in mind when automating daily customer service, marketing, sales or HR tasks. Read more at 

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Why chatbot should be the weapon to elevate Customer Experience

Customer don’t just purchase a product or service. but they preceive the entire process as an experience or journey they recall when doing business with the company again. Customer Experience is a total of all experiences and moments a company has before, after, and while using a particular company’s product or service. Here is how a chatbot enhances customer experiences.

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Facebook bets on messaging … but where will the money come from?

he Facebook News Feed is a major part of modern culture. The monetization was simple: Users give their attention and advertisers provide the revenue. However, Facebook is evolving. Mark Zuckerberg announced at F8 that the future of Facebook is private messaging. So it stands to reason the company will find ways to monetize its Messenger and WhatsApp properties. Zuckerberg recently spelled out his vision for Facebook to transition from a “digital town square” into a “digital living room.”

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Spotify Testing a Voice-controlled Music and Podcast Device for Cars

Spotify announced on Friday they will start testing a voice assistant for cars in coming months. The device called “Car Thing” was developed in-house and will be available to select Spotify Premium users in the US by invite only. The trial duration is unknown. In a newsroom post on their website, Spotify says their mission is to learn more about consumer’s habits and preferences to ultimately enhance the listening experience for Spotify users while driving. 

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Hyderabad firm launches voice bot

While companies like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant kicked off the era of voice bots, but its usage in business to business offerings has not been explored much. Hyderabad-based company Ozonetel has launched a voice bot platform for B2B enterprises. The Voice Bot Platform will help the enterprises to easily port their chat bots and provide voice channel to customer care centres.

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