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WhatsApp: Adverts coming to messaging app next year, Facebook reveals

WhatsApp will be introducing adverts to its messaging app next year, Facebookhas confirmed. The technology giant, which acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion, revealed the update at its annual Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands. Conference attendee Olvier Ponteville shared photos of the presentation on Twitter, together with details about how ads will appear within WhatsApp Statuses – a feature similar to Instagram Stories.

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Brands are excited about chatbots. Why aren’t consumers?

There are hundreds of thousands of chatbots on Facebook Messenger, belonging to seemingly every brand under the sun. And soon there will be more. Salesforce surveyed 3,500 customer service agents from around the world in November and December, discovering that 23% already use chatbots and 31% more planned to adopt them in the subsequent 18 months.

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Chatbots on messenger

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. Each and every day, Facebook (but not only) users use Messenger to send more than 45 million messages. As for many businesses it is important to remain in touch with their customers, they are increasingly more often using modern solutions such as chatbots.

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5 Easy Tips to Skyrocket Your Instagram Marketing This Year

Looking to grow your business and better engage with potential customers? Then add Instagram marketing to your social media strategy. Instagram is home to a highly engaged and active user base – a potential goldmine for smart brands and businesses that know how to do marketing right.

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Conversational Marketing: Ads with Instant Results

Digital advertising, a nearly $5 billion market in 2018, has typically been about driving potential customers to web pages, where they were presented with forms to fill out so that someone from the company could get back to them later. With today’s on-demand consumers, later is already too late.

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Bitcoin & Litecoin Transaction Possible On WhatsApp with Crypto Integration

The most famous messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp will allow the users for Bitcoin and Litecoin transfer. As per reports, the messaging will do so through Lite.lm bot. And, Zulu Republic is the platform that will develop this bot. Precisely; it will enable transactions in ZTX and ETH also. As per matter of fact, ZTX is the native token of Zulu Republic.

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Are You Tracking The Right KPIs Where Your Employees Are Concerned?

Every entrepreneur has grappled with key performance indicators. Whether she’s reporting to a board or trying to pinpoint a problem with a declining service offering, every startup founder has felt the pressure of getting her numbers moving in the right direction.

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Hockey Fans Can Lace Up a New Facebook Messenger Bot From the NHL

The National Hockey League teamed up with chat engagement platform GameOn on a new Messenger bot that debuted just in time for the Stanley Cup Final. The NHL Chatbot gives hockey fans access to content including news updates, game previews, notifications, scoring alerts, schedules, standings and in-game highlights in both video and GIF form.

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Reinventing customer loyalty programs with blockchain technology

Consumers love to get rewards, but many, especially younger shoppers, are put off by the hassle of collecting various kinds of loyalty points. Blockchain technology could make loyalty programs more appealing by making them both easier to use and more secure.

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