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A new age of retail: The rise of conversational commerce

The retail landscape is in a state of metamorphosis. Rising customer expectations and rapid technological innovations are propelling retailers into a new world, where traditional forms of retailing are being overshadowed by newer, more instantaneous modes. 

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Will 5G solve signal issues at stadiums, festivals and venues?

Big events with thousands of people in attendance put a huge stress on mobile networks, meaning you’re often unable to message your friends to meet up, upload videos to social media, or livestream your favorite band playing their final encore.

That’s largely due to the concentration of people using spectrum in one location over a standard 4G (or perhaps even 2G or 3G) signal, which means the connectivity can crash out and become unusable for the majority of a crowd. But with 5G just around the corner – it’s set to launch in the US and UK in the coming months – we may see a solution to the problem soon, with the next-gen mobile network offering faster speeds as well as further spectrum, allowing more people to be online at the same time.

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WhatsApp is getting a NEW type of message called ‘interactive buttons’ – how to get it first

Facebook bought WhatsApp for an astonishing $19 billion, so you’d expect the tech giant to want some of its money back. Now it’s unveiled a new feature which could point to the future of the world’s most popular messaging app and help a lot of different people earn some money from it. The app is working on new ‘interactive buttons’ which will probably be made available to businesses, rather than everyday customers.

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Three retail-led social media trends for sellers to adapt to in 2019

Social media saw some major developments over the last 12 months, establishing itself as a key part of sellers’ strategies, says new The State of Social Media in Retail 2019 report by Hootsuite. As it gains more momentum, how can sellers create an authentic seller-buyer relationship—while working within time and budgetary constraints? The report provided three retail-led social media trends for sellers to adapt to in 2019.

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Voxie makes E-Commerce sales better with AI-Powered text messages

Unfortunately human error began to creep into the text messages — from misspellings to the wrong names. “This was a major sales tool  and we couldn’t do it right at scale because we have tens of thousands of leads coming in and things were breaking left and right,” he says. That’s when he saw an opportunity to build a marketing automation platform that would be powered by AI and machine learning to provide a two-way communication for e-commerce and other industries.

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How chat-bot integration can influence traffic engagement and conversions?

Such leads come via ads or organic search which lack the targeted focus necessary to improve the likelihood of a sale. Thus, most marketing agencies still consider referrals as the best prospect. Generating unvarying high-quality link is vital for any business but, can be arduous. When these potential customers reach your website in search of information, you must be prepared for them to clarify the answers they seek.

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AI at your service

Automated technologies powered by artificial intelligence—voice-enabled devices and tools like chatbots—offer speed and efficiency, but also require careful planning, testing, and integration. Here’s how a few associations are putting them to good use to improve member service.

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How a chatbot sales platform helps King Kong on Broadway

Using an intelligent ticketing agent from vendor, the Broadway production of ‘King Kong’ can better manage its brand while driving up ticket sales.

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