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CIOs struggling to keep pace with customer communications

Speed is everything nowadays. When customers demand information, services or products, or they don’t expect to have to wait long for the privilege. That’s especially true in customer service, where a delay in response or a lack of contact options could result in poor user reviews and ratings, with a direct negative impact on brand reputation. While this may be second nature to newer digital-native outfits launched with UX at their core, for businesses undergoing digital transformation, keeping pace with a new wave of customer communications is proving a challenge. 

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Welcome to the next era of social media marketing

At this year’s F8 Developer’s Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood on stage and announced, “The future is private.” It was a bold statement coming from the guy who has spent the past eighteen months tackling a firestorm of criticism over misusing customer data and information. Still, the intent – that Facebook is shifting its focus to private, messaging platforms – put a spotlight on a central issue social media marketers are facing: the social media landscape is changing dramatically and marketers must adapt to keep pace with evolving ad platforms.

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Conversational AI Needs Conversation Design

Companies are awakening to the value of conversations with consumers. Simply put, when consumers can easily converse with a brand, they are more likely to develop affinity for that brand and to buy from them, thus the term “conversational commerce.” Brands are using conversational interfaces to deliver customer experiences for sales and service, but there’s a catch: designing these conversations may be harder than they initially thought.

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Conversational commerce and the travel industry: it’s time to say hello

Immediate. Personal. Conversational. Mobile messaging has long been the preferred way for people to connect with friends and family. And now it’s transforming communications between travel businesses and their consumers too. Say hello to the age of conversation. There are 40 million global businesses active on Messenger and Click-to-Messenger ads are one of the fastest growing ad formats in the Facebook family.

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A Chatbot for Your Business Will Boost Customer Engagement

At a time when 77per cent of 18-35-year-olds are expected to abstain from voting and remain indifferent to political responsibilities, it is reassuring to see a chatbot leading the charge for political awareness in youth. At the same time, it shows the power of virtual conversational interfaces, and the influencing power of good communication, whether real or virtual. It also points to the fact that if chatbots can motivate political participation that seldom yields immediate results, how strong an effect they can have in more instant and rewarding experiences-such as shopping?

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6 reasons to upgrade to Conversational AI for Customer Interaction

Chatbots have worked to gain the trust of companies on virtual agents, and now the responsibility has been continued to Conersational AI, which has the capacity to supercharge the customer experience with seamless operations. 

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WhatsApp: The new email for SME’s

Globally, 65% of Millennials and their younger counterparts, Generation Z, prefer to message rather than call or email, and locally, WhatsApp is the leading communication app. As these generations now make up the majority of the workforce, and consequently a large amount of the customers and suppliers of local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it is vital for business owners to consider changing their communication tactics to not only foster relationships with them, but to also bolster cash flow.

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Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency could expand WhatsApp Pay’s reach far beyond India

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency has taken a lot of criticism from Western government officials and media commentators – but it’s not meant for them. A major target market for the Libra is users in developing countries.

From researching cryptocurrency, blockchain and other technologies in the context of developing countries, I can see that digital payment systems are already attractive. Libra may potentially be even more so because Facebook has the money and technological advances that could make Libra easier than many existing methods.

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WhatsApp tests feature that shares your status to Facebook and other apps

WhatsApp is testing the idea of letting its users share posts from their WhatsApp status with other apps. Starting today, users in WhatsApp’s beta program will start to see a new sharing option beneath their status, which can be used to post a status directly to their Facebook story or send it to another app like Instagram, Gmail, or Google Photos. WhatsApp Status is the service’s Instagram Stories-style feature that lets you post images, text, and videos on your profile that disappear after 24 hours.

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