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Service via WhatsApp

Businesses use Service via WhatsApp and other forms of customer care via social messaging in an increasingly broader context. WhatsApp is user-friendly and more than 11.5 million people in the Netherlands have the application on their smartphone. It supports multimedia and, in addition to a high customer satisfaction, service agents experience the channel as very positive.

Practice also shows us that WhatsApp has the power to reduce the use of traditional customer contact channels such as email and telephony, thereby reducing the costs for the contact center as well.

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Using WhatsApp

Easy and user-friendly customer contact results in happy and loyal customers. This what customer services via WhatsApp offers and what SaySimple stands for. WhatsApp as a customer services tool gives the service employee a lot more context and, thanks to the extensive multimedia options of the chat app, he or she can give more targeted assistance when the customer has a question.

Service via WhatsApp at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

An educational institution is a dynamic environment that has to deal with many service-related questions. For this reason, and because WhatsApp and students basically go hand in hand, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences decided to introduce WhatsApp as a service channel.


Joost Dirkson, Head Services Administrative Center HvA

The service via WhatsApp is very pleasant and convenient. For both the student and the service agent.


  • More efficient than traditional phone conversations thanks to multimedia applications
  • Reduction in the number of questions by email
  • Ideal channel for the communication with students
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