Eazy Messaging dashboard

All social messages in just one dashboard
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All social messages in just one dashboard

Eazy Messaging Dashboard

All social messaging channels in one dashboard. The easiest way to manage today’s most popular social messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, Viber, webchat, and (good old) SMS. This is what the Eazy Messaging Dashboard by SaySimple offers.


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Customers think in questions and are looking for answers. Your goal is to create the most comfortable and convenient experience during this process. The Eazy Dashboard is the easiest tool to achieve this. The tool is straightforward and intuitive, making the contact easy for you as well as your customers. The Eazy Dashboard also ensures that you are all set for future channels. You can link as many social messaging channels as you need and add an unlimited number of users. No matter how large your organization or how high you set the bar; the Eazy Messaging Dashboard grows with you.

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Dashboard Specifications

The Eazy Messaging Dashboard enables you to manage today’s most popular social messaging channels in a straightforward and intuitive dashboard. But there is more. Implement the Eazy dashboard and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Send auto-reply messages, also to manage the expectations outside the opening hours;
  • Link the Eazy dashboard to your CRM, ERP, or social media monitoring system for a 360 degrees view on your customers;
  • Generate paid links in the Eazy dashboard to create payment options via social messaging;
  • Create group chats and mailing lists with automated registration and deregistration commands for more engagement with your customers and followers;
  • Use social messaging to generate reports on the most important customer services KPIs to measure the performances of your agents.
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Privacy by Default

Our goal is carefree customer contact and nothing is more important than the privacy of our users and their customers. That is why the Eazy dashboard complies with the highest quality standards regarding privacy and security. These include the use of Dutch data centers, two-factor authentication, IP authorization, and anonymized data flows. Furthermore, we have been GDPR-ready since January 2018. As an Eazy dashboard user, you only have to worry about providing the best customer services, and SaySimple can even assist you with that.


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We believe in unlimited convenience for our users and their customers. This is different and unique for every organization, which means that it is tricky to give one fixed price for the Eazy dashboard. Please contact us for a price indication tailored to your situation, so we can establish together what is needed to achieve your 9+ experience.

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Muntstad background Muntstad car

Muntstad is the official brand dealer and service partner of VW, Audi, ŠKODA, and SEAT. As one of the larger dealers in the automotive branch in the Netherlands, Muntstad makes clever use of social messaging via SaySimple.

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Omoda background Omoda shoe

Omoda sells trendy brand name shoes for the fashionable man and woman. Omoda believes that excellent customer experience and services key. With this principle in mind, Omoda was looking for a tool to assist its customers even better.

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In the Netherlands, Transavia is the market leader in flights to holiday destinations. Aware of its responsibility, Transavia is constantly looking to improve the customer experiences. With the SaySimple Eazy dashboard, the airline took the next step with ground-breaking results.

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HvA background HvA hoes

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the HvA, is always looking for channels that meet the wishes and requirements of its students. This is why the HvA chose WhatsApp as the perfect addition.

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