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The Messaging Intelligence Module
Actionable insights
to enhance productivity

The Messaging Intelligence Module gives you actionable insights to enhance productivity, optimize your seat planning and boost workforce management (WFM). Features such as advanced voice-of-the-customer recognition for hyper personalized Social Messaging and real-time insights and narrowcasting are currently in development to make the Messaging Intelligence Module a critical asset in your messaging strategy.

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Dashboard Features

With the SaySimple Messaging Intelligence Module, you gain much more knowledge of your online customer services environment. Use the Messaging Intelligence Dashboard and benefit from:Dedicated users with permission setting

  • Dedicated URL:
  • SSL certification
  • Insight into real-time performance
  • Drag-and-drop prioritization
  • Custom time ranges comparison
  • Custom channel filter and comparison
  • Notifications and Alerts

We use the latest technologies to develop our products and services even further; from Machine Learning and AI to Blockchain Technology.

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Better safe than sorry

Privacy by Default

Our goal is carefree customer contact, in any possible way. That is why we developed the Messaging Intelligence Dashboard, based on the highest quality standards for privacy and security. With our ‘privacy by default’ & ‘privacy by design’ method, you are guaranteed to have a messaging tool that is GDPR-proof. You only have to worry about providing the best customer services, and SaySimple can even assist you with that.

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Sharing Innovative Ideas

At SaySimple, the client is always our focal point, also when we develop our new tools. That is why our development team is always open for feedback and additional wishes, so we can create a tool that best matches your requirements.



Muntstad background Muntstad car

Muntstad is the official brand dealer and service partner of VW, Audi, ŠKODA, and SEAT. As one of the larger car dealerships in the Netherlands, Muntstad makes clever use of social messaging via SaySimple.

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Omoda background Omoda shoe

Omoda, one of the bigger e-commerce players in the Netherlands, sells trendy shoes for the fashionable man and woman. Omoda believes that excellent customer experience and services key. With this principle in mind, Omoda was looking for channels to assist its customers even better.

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Social Messaging Automation for Airlines

In the Netherlands, Transavia is the market leader in flights to holiday destinations. Aware of its responsibility, Transavia is constantly looking to improve the customer experiences. With the Social Messaging Dashboard Module, the airline took the next step with ground-breaking results.

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HvA background HvA hoes

The University of Amsterdam, is always looking for channels that meet the wishes and requirements of its students. This is why the university chose WhatsApp as the perfect addition.

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