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In this era of messaging, you, as a business, certainly want to use this technology in your online customer services and customer care. Stop sending overly formal messages with a salutation and ‘best regards’, but go for a fast and easy answer via your preferred channel. SaySimple will help to make the best choices, so you can grow and develop as a company when it comes to customer services and webcare. Not just convenient for your company, but also for your customers. Surely you want the same?

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The customer changes its needs at lightning speed. From telephone to messaging, from multichannel to omnichannel, and from public transport to self-driving cars. We want to achieve more and more without spending more time. This can be tricky for companies that want to meet their customers’ expectations when it comes to online customer services and customer care. It feels like you are 1-0 behind, it costs time, money, and a lot of frustration. SaySimple will make this a carefree process. So, chill, sit back, and relax. We will go step-by-step to achieve your customer’s 9+ experience.

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With SaySimple, you journey to great heights, without a hoverboard. Pool the favorite channels of your target audience into one dashboard and lift your online customer services to the next level. Easy and organized for you, a smart freedom of choice for your customers. One dashboard and one reporting tool; that’s all you need.

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Customers are looking for the solution to their problem, not for the cause. Social messaging is the most user-friendly way to ask questions with as much context as possible. The combination of text messages, voice clips, videos, or photos offers enough context to offer a fitting solution. Additionally, linking the tool to your CRM package gives you real-time insight into the customer’s history, so you no longer have to put your customer ‘on hold’. You can start deleting your Music on Hold selection because your customers will never hear that again.

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Muntstad background Muntstad car

Muntstad is the official brand dealer and service partner of VW, Audi, ŠKODA, and SEAT. As one of the larger car dealerships in the Netherlands, Muntstad makes clever use of social messaging via SaySimple.

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Omoda background Omoda shoe

Omoda, one of the bigger e-commerce players in the Netherlands, sells trendy shoes for the fashionable man and woman. Omoda believes that excellent customer experience and services key. With this principle in mind, Omoda was looking for channels to assist its customers even better.

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Social Messaging Automation for Airlines

In the Netherlands, Transavia is the market leader in flights to holiday destinations. Aware of its responsibility, Transavia is constantly looking to improve the customer experiences. With the Social Messaging Dashboard Module, the airline took the next step with ground-breaking results.

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HvA background HvA hoes

The University of Amsterdam, is always looking for channels that meet the wishes and requirements of its students. This is why the university chose WhatsApp as the perfect addition.

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