Social Messaging Dashboard

Social Messaging Channel Orchestration
Powering Conversational Excellence

Social Messaging Channel Orchestration

Social Messaging Dashboard Module

The Social Messaging Dashboard Module let you obtain easy access to all major Social Messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Viber and Telegram for seamless channel orchestration. Furthermore, automation through bots, virtual assistants and transactional messages let your agents deal with continues peak volumes. Delivering the promise of first-time fixes (FTFs) and providing additional customer value through next-best actions (NBAs) and cross/upselling.

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Why this Dashboard?

Seamless and Highly

Conversational Interactions

The Social Messaging Dashboard Module enables you to manage and merge all social messaging channels into one perfect continuous conversation through the messaging channels of customer choice. The Messaging Dashboard Module offers:

  • Plug and Play Social Messaging Channel Orchestration
  • Easy Access, Smart Routing and Simple Manageability
  • Transactional Messaging, Notifications and Automation
Transforming Customer Conversations
through Social Messaging

Your benefits

A truly personalized dialogue, powering Conversational Excellence

Once you organized your social messaging efforts into one seamless module, your agents will be able to communicate more effective, more efficient, and more personal. This leads to a truly personalized dialogue with an a-synchronically character, powering Conversational Excellence. You gain the following benefits:

  • Eliminating repeat traffic and unnecessary transfers to reduce TCO
  • Ensuring customer loyalty by interacting more personal to increase your CSAT
  • Providing high volume opportunity catch during peak moments and mission critical messaging
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Meet all
Regulatory Standards

Complies with

The GDPR framework

The Messaging Dashboard module complies with the highest quality standards regarding privacy and security. These include the use of Dutch data centers, two-factor authentication, IP authorization, and anonymized data flows. Furthermore, we have been GDPR-ready since January 2018.

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Muntstad background Muntstad car

Muntstad is the official brand dealer and service partner of VW, Audi, ŠKODA, and SEAT. As one of the larger car dealerships in the Netherlands, Muntstad makes clever use of social messaging via SaySimple.

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Omoda background Omoda shoe

Omoda, one of the bigger e-commerce players in the Netherlands, sells trendy shoes for the fashionable man and woman. Omoda believes that excellent customer experience and services key. With this principle in mind, Omoda was looking for channels to assist its customers even better.

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Social Messaging Automation for Airlines

In the Netherlands, Transavia is the market leader in flights to holiday destinations. Aware of its responsibility, Transavia is constantly looking to improve the customer experiences. With the Social Messaging Dashboard Module, the airline took the next step with ground-breaking results.

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HvA background HvA hoes

The University of Amsterdam, is always looking for channels that meet the wishes and requirements of its students. This is why the university chose WhatsApp as the perfect addition.

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