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Kick-off Training

Do you start a Messenger chat with a 15-year-old boy with ‘Dear…’? Oops! Quickly register for the SaySimple Kick-Off Training. Learn how to implement and manage service channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, or Instagram and what their impact can be. All the ins and outs about the implementation of Social Messaging based on a simple step-by-step plan. Easy and all the basic knowledge you should know about social messaging, from a simple pilot to a comprehensive channel and everything in between. Don’t you want to get a 10/10 score on your customer services?

Kick-off training

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Advanced Communication Training

This training is tailored to your company, team, and qualities. This allows us to focus on the webcare aspect that offers you the biggest impact. Do you need a more advanced communication training or do you first want to learn more about the structure and processes within the entire service center? Be inspired by one of our consultants based on real case examples, for a webcare level of at least 9+.

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SaySimple Academy

You continuously update apps and devices to benefit from the latest versions with the best features. So why not update your knowledge as well? SaySimple continuously updates its expertise and upgrades its qualitative services, and we love to share this with others. Do you want to share new applications and experiences when it comes to using messaging channels for webcare and marketing departments? Then be sure to join one of our innovative and interactive events.

SaySimple Academy

Best practices

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Sharing knowledge

What are your best practices for ridiculously easy yet effective webcare? In these round table sessions, we offer our participants the opportunity to openly and honestly share their stories, statistics, and challenges within online customer services, so everyone can learn from each other. A well-known guest speaker from the business will tackle various topics, with the purpose to share knowledge and inspiration. Compare different perspectives, devices, and methods to achieve the best practice. Accept the incoming conference message and let’s get started.




Muntstad car

Happy customers and inbound call reduction by providing after sales via Social Messaging.

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Omoda shoe

Providing a personal shopping experience via Social Messaging

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The introduction of Social Messaging reduced inbound calls with over 20%.

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HvA hoes

Social Messaging is an ideal channel to connect with students.

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