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Tip: plaats een klikbaar WhatsApp-nummer

Organizations that want to use WhatsApp want to provide their customers with the easiest way to contact them. Because customers won’t be able to send a WhatsApp message to any random number but only to those listed in their contact list, they will first have to store the WhatsApp number their smartphone. So, you can help the customer by offering a clickable WhatsApp number. In this article, you can read about other advantages of a clickable WhatsApp number and how you can make a mobile number clickable.

UPDATE: WhatsApp has now developed a separate function for this. Click to Chat. Click to Chat offers customers the option to click on a link to start a WhatsApp chat with your organization, for example on the website or in a digital signature. With this application, they don’t need to store your WhatsApp number first. This blog will give you more information about the possibilities of the WhatsApp Click to Chat application.

Why a clickable WhatsApp number?

From the website, consumers can store a clickable WhatsApp number directly on their phone. This is an important precondition because a WhatsApp conversation is only possible when 1 of the 2 participants has stored the WhatsApp number of the recipient. This precaution has been built in to make sure that messages can’t be randomly pushed to people who don’t want to receive them. If you like to get more information about this topic, then please read the blog posted by my colleague Jeroen Schutte: Using WhatsApp Business – privacy, data, and personal data.’

Showing a clickable WhatsApp number offers opportunities for channel management. In most cases, WhatsApp is more efficient than traditional means of communications like telephone, email, and social media. This is how organizations can benefit from placing the WhatsApp number above other communication channels.

Even so, we do advise to communicate the WhatsApp number in a low-key way during the first 3 months after the rollout. This enables you to manage the consumer’s expectations when it comes to accessibility and response time. And in this case as well, a clickable WhatsApp number will be a practical tool. You can communicate the number first on a certain product page and get insight into how the customers respond to the option. When you are sure that the number of messages can be handled properly, you can scale up the reach.

The location of the WhatsApp number

The website has several locations where you can communicate the WhatsApp number. The contact page is the most obvious location because this is where consumers will go first when they have a question. This article also contains a few examples of how other organizations communicate their WhatsApp numbers. For maximum participation, you can also communicate the number on the home page and in the header or footer.

Apart from placing it on the website, there are several other options. You can add the number to your digital signature or in your digital newsletter. Or you can use a clickable number on a particular product page. When you consider the options, it is crucial that you put the customer first; where on the website would the customer be likely to ask a question that needs a quick response? Then this is an obvious location to communicate the clickable WhatsApp number.

How do you place a clickable number?

It’s easy to make a clickable number yourself. Use the following code and add it to the (mobile) website or in the app.

<06 – 522 368 35, for example, becomes: 06 – 522 368 35

You can also use the other method below. The underscored text in this form is variable:

<a href=”tel:0652236835”>Vragen? Stuur een WhatsApp bericht!</a> wordt dan: Vragen? Stuur een WhatsApp bericht!

When the corporate website has been built in a user-friendly CMS such as WordPress, you can simply add the code for a clickable WhatsApp number yourself. When this is not the case, you can contact your website developer.


Another method to make the WhatsApp number clickable is by using a vCard on the website. The difference between a clickable WhatsApp number and a vCard is that the vCard contains additional data like a company name, address, and location. The vCard is a more sophisticated solution than a clickable WhatsApp number, but it’s also more complicated and requires some expertise. You can generate a vCard on this website and below you’ll find an example of the code.

PRODID:-// llc//
ADR:;Hulswitweg 14;;Haarlem;;2031 BG;Nederland

You save the code as a file with a .vcf extension. After that, you can ask the website administrator if the file can be placed in the root domain of the website via FTP. When this has been done, you can place the vCard by adding the vCard URL to the WhatsApp number.

And what about the desktop user?/h2>

The method described in this blog only works for customers who visit the website via a smartphone. But also for desktop users, you can easily lower the threshold to store the WhatsApp number on their smartphone. To do this, you use a QR code that the customer can then scan with his smartphone.

The QR code contains a vCard with the WhatsApp number and other relevant information about the organization. You can create a QR code on this website yourself. After that, you save the code as an image and you place it on your website.

There are, however, a few reservations to take into account when using a QR code. First of all, the website visitors need to have QR scanner installed on their smartphone in order to read the code. Besides that, QR codes are not very commonly used. At the start of this decade, the QR code was hailed as the ‘game changer’ in the digital landscape. There finally was a simple method that could make print and the virtual world blend together. But the QR code never really lived up to its promise, partly because of the rise of NFC (Near Field Communication). Nevertheless, the code is still relatively often used as you can read in this study. One of the prerequisites for using a QR code is that you communicate clearly what happens when the customer scans the code.


More information

A clickable WhatsApp number on the website is an excellent method to boost the volume on the WhatsApp number. There are several methods to do this, such as a clickable link, a vCard, or a QR code. The method you choose depends on the user (desktop or mobile).

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