Leveraging the power of social messaging for a personalized travel experience

To be successful within the THL sector, companies must find the right mix between data, technology, channels and human interaction to offer the right customer experience and to be relevant throughout the customer journey. Personal contact and the provision of an excellent service via the preferred channels of the online consumer plays an important role.

In the Pre-Flight phase: 70% of travelers prefer to be notified via messaging
Source - LivePerson

Use the power of Social Messaging

Airlines are becoming more accessible for entering into conversations with their travelers. They use social messaging channels to share flight information and boarding passes. They convert routine communication options into long-term engagement opportunities.
The use of verified business profiles within Social Messaging channels makes it easier for customers to trust the message and response, transforming transactional messages such as boarding passes and receipts into opportunities for customer engagement, retention and rebooking. In contrast to SMS, where customers receive messages from anonymous numbers and often cannot respond, the use of Social Messaging does not lead to a dead end customer experience.

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Now that traveling is becoming more affordable and you can reach your target audience anywhere with the help of Social Messaging, personalized customer experiences are no longer just a luxury. They are the new normal.

Download the Ultimate Guide for Social Messaging below and discover how you can optimize the Customer Journey.

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