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Hoe werken quick replies in het Eazy dashboard?

Quick replies give the agents the opportunity to send predefined messages via a shortcut key. Agents can open the quick replies via the / slash-key. The quick replies can be created by admins and agents, while only an admin agent can set shared quick replies for all agents.


Quick Replies

Quick replies can be set via conversations. Open a conversation and type /. You will now see the quick reply pop-up. Click on the blue plus icon to add a reply. A new frame opens in which you can enter the name and the message. The name of a quick reply can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes. The name can then be used to quickly select a quick reply.


You can add variables to enhance the quick reply:: {{}} = **The name of the recipient {{}} = The full name of the agent {{agent.initials}} = The initials of the agent *The name of the recipient is a name chosen by the recipient and, therefore, not always representative. In the quick replies list, the variable is immediately added dynamically. After the name and message have been set, a screen opens in which you can identify who will be able to see the quick reply. Only admin users are authorized to set quick replies for all users. Click on ‘Save’ to store the quick reply.


Quick replies can be opened by using the / slash-key and they are filtered by name. You can edit or remove a quick reply by clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon. Click on ‘Save’ to store the changes.

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