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WhatsApp Business Solution

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging channels out there. Now, you can use this medium to engage in one-on-one conversations with your customers. Offer them a frictionless path to their purchases and support them with rich media.

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WhatsApp for businesses offers organizations the opportunity to answer incoming customer questions fast and efficiently. With 1.5 billion monthly users over 180 countries, is WhatsApp the most popular messaging app in the world, which is why it is so interesting for organizations to adopt messaging channels as customer service solution.

In addition to the large-scale adoption, WhatsApp offers more advantages, such as its support of multimedia messages and a significant rise of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and reduction of telephony.

Do you also want to use WhatsApp for your business? Then be sure to contact one of our consultants. SaySimple will guide you through the entire implementation process and helps you to get the optimal result from using this channel.

Use Cases

of WhatsApp Business:

Send urgent updates, changes or maintenance reminders. Alert your target audience when it matters.

Customer Service
Have conversations with your customers and share rich content with them. Resolving problems is easier when you can explain with videos, pictures, locations, and date pickers for appointments.

Remind your customer of deliveries, orders, and appointments. Use WhatsApp notifications and implement SMS fall-back to make sure your notifications are delivered.

Connect with your customers

Via WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Business solution will offer you a business presence among your customers. With your verified profile you can indicate opening hours, show your address and link to your website. If your customers are not ready to make a purchase, they can get in touch with you to find that extra bit of information and support needed to make the buying decision. Help your customers find you and guide them through their customer journey.



At SaySimple we believe that the power of social messaging services, including WhatsApp, are the future of communication between businesses and consumers. Messaging creates convenience, and convenience creates loyalty. Therefore, we are pleased that WhatsApp is expanding its services. SaySimple offers the WhatsApp Business Solution through An authorized WhatsApp distributor.

SaySimple offers more than just WhatsApp Business. We can help you set up and manage a complete, social messaging platform to support your customers and send them notifications globally. We are specialized in handling large loads of messages. We make sure you can have secure conversations and use our Messaging Intelligence Module to get actionable insights to enhance productivity, optimize your seat planning and boost workforce management (WFM). 

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