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WhatsApp for business

WhatsApp for business helps you to engage with your customers and followers in a personal and easily accessible way. In the Netherlands, WhatsApp is currently used by over 11.5 million people, immediately making WhatsApp for business a very interesting tool for companies. The chat app supports multimedia messages such as photos and videos, and has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

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WhatsApp for business in practice

Customers can use WhatsApp to send messages to a mobile number, after which your support team picks up and answers the messages. This enables you to help your customers efficiently via a channel they already use.

Case: Muntstad

Muntstad uses WhatsApp at several locations. Via WhatsApp, customers are updated on the progress of the work that is done on their car. Besides giving information, WhatsApp also offers the option to ask for consent for additionally required work in a user-friendly and informal way. The multimedia messages are a huge help and give the contact with the customer an extra dimension.

For Muntstad, the objective of using WhatsApp for business is to speed up the communication process between the customer and the after-sales staff. Apart from that, WhatsApp is the first point of contact between the dealers and their customers. It was already expected that WhatsApp would reduce the amount of communication by phone and speed up the response time. At some locations, the use of telephony was reduced by 20%.


Michiel, client of Muntstad


“Muntstad has shown that WhatsApp is the ideal channel for contact between the customer and the dealer organization”, says Bas Heinen, consultant at SaySimple. The big advantage for car dealers is that they, generally, still have a large number of physical visits – numbers that can make other businesses quite envious.”

“Muntstad combines both online and offline experiences, taking today’s demanding customer into account. It is obvious that it is not just about introducing new channels but also about the fact that the user behind the application can ensure a 9+ experience. Step 2 is to create more surprises and exceed expectations in other stages as well by making optimal use of the multimedia options that WhatsApp offers, whereby emotion is at the core.”


  • 20% reduction in telephony
  • For Muntstad, WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of our daily routine
  • High customer satisfaction thanks to the option to send multimedia messages
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