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WhatsApp for business

WhatsApp for businesses helps you to answer incoming customer questions quickly, efficiently and, most of all, very easily. WhatsApp is a powerful channel for accessible and user-friendly communication and it supports multimedia messages, mailing lists, and group chats. This gives customer services employees the opportunity to assist customers even better. Additional advantages of WhatsApp for businesses are a reduction in the number of phone calls and higher customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score).

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How does WhatsApp for businesses work?

Since 2015, various organizations have started using WhatsApp for businesses. One of them is health insurer Anderzorg. As they have a young target audience, the health insurer decided to use WhatsApp to expand its ‘social first’ strategy. Anderzorg has now integrated WhatsApp in Salesforce and, thanks to using the channel, they realize a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +34.

Anderzorg: another view on the lives of people with health insurance

Anderzorg, a dutch health care insurance company, introduced WhatsApp via a pilot of three months to gain experience with WhatsApp for businesses. The health insurer also had some additional questions: “How will our customers respond to the use of WhatsApp?”, “How will the dialogue go?”, and “Which of our customers are going to contact us via WhatsApp?”. The pilot demonstrated that the customers, as well as the staff, experienced the contact as positive. “This allows us to get a personal view on the lives of our customers. It feels like you’re having a WhatsApp chat with a friend.”


Sigrid Schemkes-Zeilstra, Team Manager Social Anderzorg


Before the pilot kicked off, it was expected that customers would experience WhatsApp as a convenient channel. This was one of the main reasons for Anderzorg to start using WhatsApp. Fortunately, the pilot even exceeded the expectations! With the WhatsApp channel, Anderzorg realized an NPS of +34. This is a significant difference when compared with telephony, for which the NPS of Anderzorg ranges between +10 and +12. The channel is also highly efficient. Employees enjoy using WhatsApp when they offer services. The tone of voice makes this channel personal, informal, effective, and this clearly shows in the great results.


  • WhatsApp and Anderzorg are a perfect match
  • Thanks to WhatsApp, Anderzorg realizes an NPS of +34
  • A 360 degrees customer view thanks to Salesforce integration
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