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Omoda provides styling advice via WhatsApp

Omoda sells trendy brand name shoes for the fashionable man and woman. In total, the company sells products of over 200 different brands. Omoda believes that excellent customer experience and services are key. With this principle in mind, Omoda was looking for a tool to assist its customers even better.



Giving advice and comparing shoes and bags

For Omoda, shoes and bags are more than just a product; they are an experience in their own right. And the experience already starts during the purchase process. Customers can now ask for style advice via WhatsApp. They send photos of products after which Omoda’s webcare employee and the customer together look for the perfect combination for the special event. This enables Omoda to provide its customers with even better services. In addition, WhatsApp is a fast medium to ask questions regarding orders, return shipments, exchanges, product information, and Club Omoda Accounts.

Why WhatsApp?

For Omoda, WhatsApp is a logical step to start the dialogue with customers and followers. This is because Omoda’s customer panel indicated that customers use smartphones on a mass scale. And customer questions can be answered even faster via WhatsApp. Besides that, WhatsApp is entirely in line with Omoda’s core values, which include personal contact, quick handling of questions, and being there where the customer is.

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