Efficiently recruit candidates with WhatsApp

Recruit candidates more efficiently and virtually automatically with Saysimple's recruitment solution. WhatsApp is a low-threshold application channel, making it ideally suited for branch offices with high staff turnover.

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WhatsApp for recruitment

Saysimple helps (internal) recruitment departments to make the application process as efficient as possible. For both the company and the applicant.

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Applying via WhatsApp is quick and easy for candidates.

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Introduce WhatsApp as an easy to use job application channel.

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Write candidate and call information automatically away in your ATS system.


Recruit candidates faster and more efficiently

Due to tight labor markets, the time to hire for many companies is up to two months. With WhatsApp, you can shorten this by as much as 60%.

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Apply automatically via WhatsApp

Let candidates apply for jobs via WhatsApp. The candidate starts a WhatsApp conversation after which a WhatsApp bot answers the messages. Based on various questions asked by the bot, a candidate profile is automatically created.


WhatsApp is the most used channel

Recruiting is difficult because they are not always on traditional channels. WhatsApp is the most widely used channel among young people, making it extremely suitable for recruitment purposes.

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Find the right candidate faster

Through traditional methods, the regional or branch manager receives applications via website, email or phone. The WhatsApp Flow automatically schedules appointments and writes the WhatsApp conversation away in the relevant ATS.


Integrate Saysimple with your ATS and Calendar

Connect Saysimple to your ATS or Calendar app, to automatically schedule job interviews and centrally manage candidate information.

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