Automate after-sales communications via WhatsApp

Saysimple makes it possible for car companies to have their customers make workshop appointments via WhatsApp and further communication, such as sending status updates automatically.

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Saysimple for after-sales

Saysimple helps you automate the communication process from the workshop with customers. As a result, service advisors and mechanics keep time, which improves customer satisfaction.

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Scheduling appointments

Through WhatsApp, customers can make appointments that are automatically scheduled in the workshop software.

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Automatic status updates

Send automatic updates as soon as the status of the vehicle changes in the workshop.

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Integrate Saysimple with your DMS, GMS, marketing software or workshop management system.


Schedule maintenance appointments via WhatsApp

Add a WhatsApp button to the emails sent to inform customers about future maintenance. Appointments are scheduled directly in your workshop planning system.

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Send status updates without the involvement of the service advisor or mechanic

During maintenance, it is important for the mechanic to quickly connect with the customer. Via WhatsApp, you also have an accessible way to communicate with the customer and obtain quicker approval, for example, for additional work.


Reduce telephone contact

Around lunch or at the end of the day, the phone often rings off the hook. With Call Deflection, you reduce telephone traffic by offering an alternative channel, such as WhatsApp.

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Integrate Saysimple with your DMS, GMS, workshop planning software, or marketing system

Connect Saysimple to commonly used aftersales systems to retrieve vehicle and customer information in Saysimple and schedule appointments and send status updates from Saysimple.