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Simplify channel management, collaborate seamlessly, and save time with our customer engagement platform. Access inboxes, run WhatsApp campaigns, and automate communication by integrating systems and data.

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One platform. All channels. For your whole business.

Saysimple helps companies bundle their communication channels into one platform, manage them with multiple colleagues and automate them to communicate more efficiently with their customers.

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Customer engagement

Centralized platform with seamless integration(s) to make crucial customer information accessible and usable.

Omni-channel management

Centralized structure to all customer interactions and 360° contact view.

Messaging Automation

Simplified agent workflows and triggered communications, based on customer behavior.

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Multiple messages from different channels with person on the background

Manage all channels in one inbox

Work with one Multichannel Inbox. One dashboard where all messaging channels come together and multiple agents answer customer questions. This way you provide fast and efficient service through any channel.

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Send WhatsApp bulk messages

Engage contacts with personalized offers, timely promotions, special deals and newsletters on WhatsApp. With Saysimple Engage, you send a personalized WhatsApp bulk message to multiple people in 5 easy steps.

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Automate communication

With WhatsApp Flows, automatically answer frequently asked questions, assign questions to the right department, find out customer intent and keep employees with more time on their hands.

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Monitor results and KPIs

Get real-time insight into customer contact team performance. Which topics are receiving the most inquiries? Which agents require extra attention? Thanks to this functionality, you have the team KPIs in focus within a mouse click and can make live adjustments.

Expert in your industry

Every industry comes with its own challenges. Find your vertical below and explore the solution Saysimple offers to turn your business into a true industry leader.


Reduce telephony and create a customer centric and more efficient dealership.


Increase revenue by opening a new channel for you customers to place orders.

Transport & logistics

Communicate with drivers on the road and make reporting cargo defects easy.


Reduce time to hire by up to 60% by automatically recruiting candidates via WhatsApp.


Optimize the guest journey with digital messaging channels.

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Discover the Saysimple API

Connect Saysimple's API to your current software stack to automate your communication with customers and enrich conversations with relevant data and information.

This is what our customers say

+500 brands already use Saysimple to improve omni-channel customer communities at scale.

Luc Verhagen

Luc Verhagen

Dusseldorp BMW

You set yourself apart by being available outside of office hours. And that's what we stand for. We don't want to handle customers functionally, but to personally surprise them. That is possible thanks to Saysimple.

BMW light logo
Rienk de Jonge

Rienk de Jonge

Holiday park Pean

With WhatsApp broadcasting via Saysimple Engage, I increased conversion by 20%. I am satisfied with this solution that gives me a complete view of the interaction with my customers.

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Man standing with his tablet in a coffee shop
Woman standing with phone in front of a glass building
Thijs van der Spek

Thijs van der Spek

Severs Breeman BMW & MINI

Thanks to WhatsApp Call Deflection at Severs Breeman, we saved more than 10 hours of phone time in the first month, and usage is increasing weekly.

Severs breeman logo
Narek Grigoryan

Narek Grigoryan

Volvo Nieuwenhuijse

Via the IDAS integration in the Saysimple platform, we immediately know which customer belongs to which department. This way, we can direct inquiries to the right colleague, retrieve car details, and assist customers more efficiently remotely.

Volvo nieuwenhuijse logo
Trusted by 500+ clients
Saysimple clients